Strengthening microenterprises

Since 2009, RED Sustainable Tourism and Social Development A.C. is strengthening tourism microenterprises. We designed a market vision model that can be adapted depending on the needs of the business. The model comprises:

  • A comprehensive analyses and a business assessment that bring us the necessary information to design a three-years strengthening program.
  • Two training workshops per year, where we provide technical information to microenterprises. They exchange experiences and spend time together creating bonds.
  • At the end of each workshop, each microenterprise designs a work plan that they must implement in the following months.
  • Each month, RED staff provide technical advice and follow up on their progress.
  • If we identified some opportunities that scape from our expertise, we would link with other actors.
  • We promote the creation of alliances between microenterprises and tourism companies in the region to facilitate their inclusion in the market.

Business Rapid Assessment

With the Rapid Business Assessment (ERE) we get a diagnose of the capabilities of tourism enterprises. It helps us to know the strengthening needs of a tourism company, as well as its level of maturity.