One of our principal goals is the conservation and regeneration of our natural and cultural diversity. You will find information on best practices and regulation that you must know before you travel.


Since 2016, RED has implemented a project that promotes the management of the whale shark with a comprehensive view. We participate with other organizations such as WWF, ConCiencia México, Ecology Project International, Enseña por Mexico, as well as with government institutions, academia, and the private sector, in a multisectoral effort to the protection of this species.

Take a look at the rules before you swim with the biggest fish in the world and become its ambassador.

Gray Whale

Gray whales visit Baja California Sur every year; in its calm waters they take birth and teach their calves how to survive. Along with them, hundreds of tourists come to observe this amazing species. The activity represents a source of income for families that inhabit the coasts.

It is of utmost importance to join the protection of the gray whale: knowing the species, the rules for the sighting and being part of its surveillance.